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Charged With A Crime? What Next?

Let’s imagine you’ve been charged with an indictable offence under the criminal code of Canada.  All offences under the Criminal Code of Canada are defined as either summary, indictable, or hybrid offences. Summary offences are generally less serious both in terms of...
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The Reid Technique

You’ve seen it in movies, on television, and true-crime videos on YouTube. In real-life, the Reid Technique is very effective at producing confessions. First developed in the 1940s by John E. Reid, it has become the most widely used approach to interrogation in the...
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Cannabis Edibles, Responsibility and the Law

When cannabis edibles are made to look like candy, the upswing in the number of cases where children accidentally consume the drug is no surprise. Imagine you’re a hungry kid looking for a snack, and you come across cookies, brownies or gummy candies. A young child...
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