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Cannabis Edibles, Responsibility and the Law

When cannabis edibles are made to look like candy, the upswing in the number of cases where children accidentally consume the drug is no surprise. Imagine you’re a hungry kid looking for a snack, and you come across cookies, brownies or gummy candies. A young child...
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Can The Cops Just Come Into My Home?

This one can get a little tricky. The answer is yes, and no. Just like a door-to-door salesperson, a hockey team looking for bottles, or representatives of a certain religion looking to convert you, the police have the right to approach the front door of a residence...
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Mandatory Minimum Sentences

A mandatory minimum sentence (MMS) compels a judge, by law, to impose a sentence equal to the minimum term set for that crime, no matter what the circumstances of the offence According to the Canadian Department of Justice, twenty nine offences in the Canadian...
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