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kathleen kealey criminal lawyer ottawa


Criminal Defence Lawyer

Fast Facts About Kathleen

Kathleen feels comfortable defending any criminal charge, however the following areas are of particular interest:
  • 2002 University of Ottawa B.A. (Hon.)(English & Communication)
  • 2008 University of Ottawa LL.B. (Bachelor of laws)

Called to the Bar

  • Law Society of Ontario – 2017
  • Renfrew County Law Association

Kathleen Kealy is an Associate of Armoured Suits and a trial and appellate lawyer. She works hard to be a strong, knowledgeable and resourceful representative for her clients.

Kathleen frequently travels outside Ottawa for cases and is a member of the Renfrew County Law Association.


Kathleen has always been passionate about criminal law. She started her career working for the federal government. After seven years, she decided to begin practicing law. Kathleen started working with Joshua Clarke when she was a student and remained as an associate of Armoured Suits following her call to the bar in 2017. 


When not practicing law, Kathleen loves to run the Ottawa running paths. She likes to spend what free time she has focusing on fitness.

Professional Interests

Kathleen’s particular areas of professional interest include sexual assault and domestic violence offences. “These cases are unique,” Kathleen says, “often involving solely one person’s word against another. Experience has taught me that showcasing the dynamics of a particular relationship can be a key element in successfully defending these cases.” 

Kathleen understands that these areas of law can be particularly overwhelming for clients often at a loss as to how to defend themselves. She enjoys helping clients through this difficult process.

She is also interested in regulatory offences and violations of the Human Rights Code. While offences that fall in this area do not usually result in a criminal record, many people do not realize they can come with significant penalties.

Throughout my ordeal, I never doubted once that Kathleen believed me. She produced the ultimate result and I have my life and name back. This was done extremely economically I might add.

This firm raises the bar (pardon the pun) for legal representation in Ottawa. I hope our paths will cross again – but this time outside of the legal system.

You cannot go wrong entrusting Kathleen or Joshua with your case. I promise.

– Anonymous

Charges withdrawn in exchange for peace bond, a best possible, and completely unexpected outcome for the case. This outcome saved valuable time, and money that would have otherwise been spent on trial, as well as negated the risks.

Mr. Clarke, and his associate, Kathleen, were valuable assets every step of the way, providing insight, recommendations, and reassurance; as well as explaining the proceedings, in a clear, and concise manner.

– Jacob