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Liquor Licence Act – Ontario

Those who sell alcohol in Ontario are required to comply with the Liquor Licence Act and failure to do so in an offence. Even the most diligent with the best of intentions may fall victim.

Section 61 of Ontario’s Liquor Licence Act states that failure to follow the Act is an offence. It also explicitly warns directors and officers of corporations that their involvement might also be an offence if they “caused, authorized, permitted, or participated in an offence.”

The penalties can be crushing to a business or its owner. Fines upwards of $250,000 for a corporation and $100,000 for an individual is the norm. For certain other misdeeds (selling to a minor), the fines can `double.

At Armoured Suits: Criminal Defence Lawyers, we can assist with:

  • Defending charges under Liquor Licence Act in court
  • Answering Letters of Incident from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission
  • Assist in filing all types of Liquor Licence Applications
  • Defend charges under Smoke Free Ontario Act and Fire Protection and Prevention Act in court
  • Defend against monetary penalties imposed by Alcohol and Gaming Commission
  • Arguing appeals to all levels of court