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Date: 09/11/2021
From : Anonymous
Type of Service: Criminal defence for a Driving accident

A minor driving accident had to be settled judicially. Josh handled it effectively, efficiently and fairly. Strongly recommend him and his associates.

Date: 01/09/2021
From : Dean lauzon
Type of Service: Criminal Offence

Our experience working with Armoured Suits was a very big success, due to the explicit nature of our case, the team at armoured suits had no hesitation in making us feel welcome and were empathic towards our situation. It was with great intellectuals and sheer dedication our lawyer Kathleen Kealey intersected the case with not just knowledge but did it all while holding an elegance and a no give in attitude, personally she and and all the members at armoured suits inspired and supported us through the trying times at hand. We and also our family couldn’t be more appreciative and are full of gratitude and would recommend armoured suits to anyone looking to find a team as motivating and dedicated as they are all while taking great strides of grace in regards to how ever unique your situation is or private in nature. we can say with great confidence Armoured Suits got the truth out from our side to succeed in justified victory, we highly recommend Armoured Suits.

Thanks to Kathleen Kealey and all the members of the Armoured Suits team.

Kind regards,
Dean & Stefanie and Family

Date: 26/07/2021
From : Ken D.
Type of Service: Criminal Defense

This was with out a doubt the darkest time of my life. I can’t see how i would have gone through this ordeal with out Joshua. With his knowledge in court and unmatched skills i got to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I can’t thank you enough for your patience and commitment during the year I’ve been through. Thank you, not just from me but my entire family Joshua.

Date: 18/10/2020
From : Anonymous
Type of Service: Criminal Defense

I remember the day I was looking at these reviews. It’s not easy processing unexpected and sometime unpleasant events that take place in life while having to find a defense lawyer you can trust will have your best interest and work hard to advocate on your behalf. I cannot commend Josh and his team enough!

From day 1, it was clear that Josh knew what he was talking about. He says it like it is (which is a quality you want from someone in his position) and is very knowledgeable. He is professional and exercises a great deal of patience and flexibility, especially when it comes to working with difficult clients like myself (I am stubborn, hard headed and had endless questions). Although there was little interaction with his team, I know they are hard at work behind the scenes.

Josh showed commitment to my case, while representing and advocating the course of action I wanted. Josh was able to achieve the results I desired and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the outcome. Thank you!

Date: 15/07/2020
From : Anonymous
Type of Service: Criminal Defense

One word – WOW!

I will spare all the details, but I was falsely accused by someone I trusted. Scared, broken, stressed, and severely depressed I turned to Amoured Suits.

I spoke to Kathleen for at least 30 min for a free consult. I was sold.

Throughout my ordeal, I never doubted once that Kathleen believed me. She produced the ultimate result and I have my life and name back. This was done extremely economically I might add.

This firm raises the bar (pardon the pun) for legal representation in Ottawa. I hope our paths will cross again – but this time outside of the legal system.

You cannot go wrong entrusting Kathleen or Joshua with your case. I promise.

Date: 02/04/2020
From : Christopher S
Type of Service: Criminal Defence

Mr. Clarke represented my case phenomenally from the beginning. He was very comforting and easy to talk to and explained everything in different scenarios to make sure I understood everything clearly.  I can’t thank him and his team enough for the best possible outcome…case closed. Thank you

Date: 06/09/2019
From : Edward
Type of Service: Criminal Harassment

Mr. Clarke represented me when I was charged with criminal harassment. As a senior and never charged before this was very stressful to me and my family. He was very helpful and in my opinion, went above and beyond my expectations. I would most certainly recommend Mr. Clarke in a heartbeat. Very professional, compassionate and always took the time to answer my questions.

Date: 11/08/2019
From : Lyle
Type of Service: Indecent sexual assault

Mr. Clarke represented me when i was charged with indecent sexual assualt. I had never been in a position to need a criminal defense lawyer so had no idea how to hire one. Lots of searching on the internet and I selected a very short list to contact. I arranged a consultation appointment with Mr. Clarke and immediately felt I had found someone who was experienced and well informed in this line of defence. Throughout the entire experience, although it was never easy, Mr. Clarke always made me feel confident that I had made the right choice. He was always available to speak or meet with. He was very professional and impressive to watch in court. I would certainly recommend Mr. Clarke to anyone looking for a criminal defense lawyer.

Date: 23/11/2018
From : Aiman Z.
Type of Service: Legal matters, criminal justice, court appearances.

I have been fortunate enough to use Mr. Clarke’s legal services after running into some legal issues last year. As a person with little or no contact with the world of justice and legal affairs, I was very worried and intimidated by such an environment. Mr. Clarke’s law firm put me at ease and was there when I needed them. I would not hesitate to recommend his firm to anyone in need of legal counsel. Mr. Clarke was available and accessible by phone, email and in person. He answered all my questions and really gave me peace of mind when I needed it. I truly felt that Mr. Clarke and his legal team cared about my situation. Furthermore, I was also impressed by his professionalism, knowledge and awareness of my legal case and the justice system in general. I felt confident during court dates and had no worries that I would be represented with the highest degree of attention and care. The end result of his diligent work was a successful resolution to my charges. I would strongly urge anyone in need of legal counsel to reach out to Mr. Clarke and his law firm to take care of any legal issue that you may be under.

Date: 11/10/2018
From : David & Teresa
Type of Service: Criminal Law

We retained the services of Armoured Suits as plaintiffs in a criminal matter. The firm dealt with the matter with precision and effectively championed a successful resolution. Found their team to be very responsive and professional from start to finish. Highly recommend!

Date: 06/07/2018
From : Julian

Hello my name is julian browne and I had a brief trial and Joshua was my lawyer just for questioning and I’m gonna say that he did a very good job for me, he not only questioned the opponent, he gave me pointers that made me wise enough to win my case as I was representing myself. I thank him because yesterday July 5 was that day that my stress that was holding over my head was relieved. thank u joshua for everything may god always give u strength and knowledge to help others. I really appreciate what u did for me in a short time.

Date: 22/03/2018
From : Anonymous
Type of Service: Sexual assault

I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Joshua Clarke and his respectable team. The hard part of it was dealing with my case that got hung up in court for a couple years, it put my family and I through very hard times. It stopped me from working in fields I was qualified for, as well as work and travel that was in the works. Mr. Clarke and his team were down to earth and didn’t talk around me, he took the time to get to know me and my situation. I happy to say that the case was dropped, Mr. Clarke as a representative knew how to work a room and never talked down nor over anyone’s head. I was happy with having him represent me and would encourage if you need a good lawyer that Clarke and his team would be a great choice…thanks you Joshua Clarke and everyone in your office for everything

Date: 28/01/2018
From : Jacob
Type of Service: Sexual Assault

Charges withdrawn in exchange for peace bond, a best possible, and completely unexpected outcome for the case. This outcome saved valuable time, and money that would have otherwise been spent on trial, as well as negated the risks.

Mr. Clarke, and his associate, Kathleen, were valuable assets every step of the way, providing insight, recommendations, and reassurance; as well as explaining the proceedings, in a clear, and concise manner.

Throughout the process of my case, communication was provided, accurately, and in a timely fashion. They were flexible, and willing to set appointments, that worked with my schedule.

I would strongly recommend Mr. Clarke to anyone I know in need of a criminal defence lawyer.

Date: 21/02/2017
From : Stephane
Type of Service: Simple Assault

Acquitted, not guilty.

This was the best possible outcome for my case. Believe me, now that this matter has been resolved, it has helped turn my fortunes around one hundred and eighty degrees toward the better.

Mr. Clarke did a great job getting familiar with the case and taking all of the relevant information he collected from me to represent me in the courtroom. He used his expertise and experience to navigate through the entire process and adapted his strategy according to the requirements of the situation as the proceedings moved forward.

Throughout the process, Mr. Clarke very clearly explained to me the upcoming steps and answered my questions in order for me to make very difficult but informed decisions. Mr. Clarke presented possible options and detailed the range of possible outcomes, and these are often very difficult to hear. But he also offered suggestions and recommendations based on his experience that helped me evaluate my situation and focus on the important points.

I strongly recommend you get in touch with Mr. Clarke if you need a criminal defence lawyer.

Date: 08/02/2017
From : Anonymous
Type of Service: Youth Criminal Law

“Unfortunately, my son got in trouble this past year and we were fortunate enough to be represented by Joshua. The service we received from Joshua and his staff was so appreciated. Joshua was a thorough professional providing the best advise possible. I would recommend his services to anyone. Thank you once again.”

Date: 25/05/2016
From : Shawn
Type of Service: Drug Possession Charge

“Mr. Clarke recently represented me in a simple possession drug charge. He was quick to get to the facts and get started. Not wasting time and being very professional Mr. Clarke took to the court room to defend my rights. Along side him was his great assistant Diana who was constantly available for questions and any assistance needed. together they make a team and i would recommend them over and over again.If your unsure of your situation call Armoured Suits they will steer you right. Thx guys”

Date: 15/03/2016
From : Margaret
Type of Service: Youth Criminal

Recently, Mr. Joshua Clarke represented my adolescent son in a criminal charges matter. He clearly explained the whole process, listened carefully to my son’s explanations and his side of the story. Mr. Clarke took his time to view all the evidence regarding the case and gave my son support during this difficult time. At the end all charges were withdrawal and the case was dismissed.

We are very grateful to Mr. Clarke and his Legal Assistant – Diana Kelly for their help. We highly recommend Mr. Joshua Clarke for anyone who needs a professional attorney with lots of experience and knowledge. Thank you again.

Date: 07/03/2016
From : Anonymous
Type of Service: Sexual Assault Charges

Joshua represented me on a sexual assault case and I have no second thoughts of recommending his expertise on matters and procedures of the criminal code. It’s was a long process, but Joshua explained what to expect at every step along the way. There no doubt that he will become a very popular criminal lawyer in the future. Me and the family wants to say a big thank you. I am very happy with my results.

Date: 07/03/2016
From : Anonymous
Type of Service: Criminal Defence

Charged with alleged criminal activity that supposedly occurred some 10 plus years prior, I contacted the Law Society of Upper Canada Referral Service, in search of an established defence attorney to legally represent me in this case.

I was referred to Joshua A. Clarke and he provided an initial consultation in regards to the charges made against me. Joshua looked at my problem and made suggestions as to the best way to fixing the

As a true Defence Attorney, Joshua’s explained that his job was to get the best possible result for myself,the accused, consistent with what I (the accused) would decide and legal ethics. Joshua did not judge me for doing something but tried to see what can be done to best help me. Joshua explained that the person on trial is the accused and not the lawyer. It’s the accused’s case and the big issues must be decided by the accused after speaking to the lawyer.

Through my interaction with Joshua Clarke I learn that basically, the lawyer gives the best information and advice the lawyer can but the accused decides what to do. In order to give proper advice the lawyer needs all the facts and the accused has to be confident that anything the accused tells the lawyer will remain confidential. Joshua encouraged me to feel secure in being open with him and say what happened. This provided an opportunity to be as best prepared for what was to come, as possible. Joshua also taught me that while I should listen to what he was suggesting, the big decisions, like whether to go to trial or to what court level, were mine to make.

Further, getting the best results doesn’t mean that the lawyer must always do a trial or argue every issue.

At the end of the day all charges were withdrawn prior to the set court date. While this result was the best possible outcome, it did come as a complete and utter surprise. I am eternally grateful to Joshua Clarke and his Legal Assistant, Diana Kelly, for their support during this most stressful time in my life.

I highly recommend Joshua A. Clarke to anyone who might need legal services.

Date: 05/01/2016
From : Rob
Type of Service: Criminal Defence

I have no reservations is recommending Josh. He is nice, professional, well organized and insightful. In the court room, he does an amazing job. I was confident in him the whole time.

Date: 02/12/2015
From : Anonymous
Type of Service: Youth Criminal

Joshua represented us on a youth matter which went to trial. He was very informative of the court processes and guided us along a rough journey over two years before the trial was finished. We feel we were well represented in dealing with a tough justice system that we had no knowledge of. He ensured that that all of our questions were answered and that we were able to choose the best options to move the process forward. We always felt that Joshua was upfront about the issues and the expected outcomes. We would definitely recommend his legal services to any family dealing with criminal charges. Thank you to Joshua Clarke and team for your support during the most stressful time of our lives.

Date: 05/03/2014
From : Anonymous
Type of Service: Criminal Law

Mr. Clarke represented me in a criminal matter recently, and his expertise and professionalism in the legal arena were apparent immediately. He was very up front and honest with his opinions regarding the facts of my case, and took the time to address all of my concerns. His fee structure was very reasonable, and I would in fact argue that Joshua’s services could be valued much higher than what he charges. Most importantly of course, Joshua won the case. Watching him argue in the courtroom put my mind at ease, as he was able to expose each of the weaknesses and inconsistencies in the crown’s case using his extensive legal knowledge, and tenacious cross examination style. As a young professional who became unexpectedly caught up in the legal system, Joshua got my life back on track, and I am eternally grateful for his help. Thanks Mr. Clarke.

Date: 02/04/2013
From : Anonymous
Type of Service: Criminal Law

I retained Joshua’s services as a Criminal Lawyer a number of months ago and have been very pleased with his work. Joshua is a thoughtful, caring, professional lawyer in every way. He listened to me and my concerns, professionally and emotionally both very carefully. Joshua is very meticulous in everything he does. I would highly recommend Joshua in any legal matter and would gladly retain his services again. Good work Josh!

Date: 29/03/2013
From : Julius Tago
Type of Service: Criminal Law

Excellent. That is one word I can use describe Mr. Clarke’s services. If I were to use a graduated scale to describe Mr. Clarke’s services I would say 100% + plus. I met Mr. Clarke quite by coincidence and am glad I met him. I met him through a fellow inmate while in remand for failing to appear. Mine was a 15 years old case involving DUI. The crown had three witnesses and we had none. But Mr. Clarke still won the case! What I specially liked about him is that he provided me with all the legal information concerning my file and involved me in all the decision making. He also informed me of all the possible outcomes no matter how remote. This did help me prepare mentally, for the fight. Mr. Clarke is definitely a winner and a professional whom I would generously recommend to both friends and family members who might need legal services.

Date: 18/03/2013
From : George Marko
Type of Service: Criminal Defence

I would like to express my appreciation for the service provided from Joshua Clarke. I came into a conflict with the legal system after having no previous problems into my mid 30’s. Naively I thought I would be able to handle a criminal matter on my own as I initially thought the matter to be simple and straight forward. However after making very little progress over the course of months representing myself all I learned was that it was I don’t know what I don’t know that can legally hamstring a person dealing with the criminal justice system. I came into Joshua’s office broken and even not sure of myself anymore and wondering if I should just give up and plead guilty just to move on with my life which would have ended up having life long consequences.

A few meetings with Joshua helped get me back on track and be able to stay on message. The result is that Joshua was able to point out to the Crown Prosecutor that there was not enough evidence that I was guilty and everything was due to a miscommunication and mistake. As a result all charges were withdrawn and I was finally able to move on with my life after a stressful year and a half.

Date: 12/10/2012
From : Daniel P.
Type of Service: Family Law

Joshua was Excellent! My situation was rather unique and required additional tact and effort- Mr Clarke handled my case within the anticipated budget and went beyond my expectations with additional services. I would highly recommend Joshua to anyone requiring legal services.

Date: 18/07/2012
From : Julie Cleroux
Type of Service: Criminal Law

Joshua was very helpful and trustworthy with my Son’s case. He was open and honest about our case and did all he could to help us with our situation. I highly recommend Joshua Clarke as an attorney!

Date: 16/07/2012
From : Anonymous
Type of Service: Criminal Law

Joshua Clarke has shown exceptional service while providing me the just outcome I deserved. Not only was he professional and informative, he always took my calls and took the time to answer all of my questions. I felt reassured under his defence and would recommend him to anyone.