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The Right To Remain Silent

Miranda rights come from a 1966 American Supreme Court case called “Miranda v. Arizona”. Because we’re inundated with American TV and movies, most Canadians are familiar with Miranda rights, which states: “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can be...
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When A Criminal Act Becomes Negligent

Criminal negligence is the failure on the part of a person with a duty to take reasonable steps to prevent certain negative outcomes from occurring.  Although it is broadly-defined with several negligence-based criminal offences detailed in the Criminal Code, most...
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Charged With A Crime? What Next?

Let’s imagine you’ve been charged with an indictable offence under the criminal code of Canada.  All offences under the Criminal Code of Canada are defined as either summary, indictable, or hybrid offences. Summary offences are generally less serious both in terms of...
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The Reid Technique

You’ve seen it in movies, on television, and true-crime videos on YouTube. In real-life, the Reid Technique is very effective at producing confessions. First developed in the 1940s by John E. Reid, it has become the most widely used approach to interrogation in the...
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