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How We Help Our Clients


There are 2 main ways to work with us:


Consultation services are usually less time-intensive than full representation. A consultation sometimes leads to full representation but not always. In fact, many consults are performed over the telephone where either we are unable to assist the client or the client does not wish to discuss their situation in any more detail.

A consultation service can graduate to a face-to-face meeting between client and lawyer where both parties see value in meeting and a much more detailed account of client’s situation is required.

Consultation services are frequently sought by individuals who believe that police will be contacting them shortly or they have received a phone call from a police officer asking them to attend the police station. Oftentimes it is unclear whether the client is a suspect or a witness. Consultation services are offered to both kinds of client.

Further, consultation services are sought from witnesses and individuals who have a loved one who has been charged. Either the client has been the victim of some type of offence (or has lead police to believe they have been a victim) or the client is potentially wanting to be a surety for an accused person. In either case, the client is often completely unaware of their role and how best to proceed.

Consultation services are more cost-effective for the client because work is almost always client-initiated. That means the client is not charged for work happening behind the scenes because the scope of the service is limited to educating the client on their legal circumstances.

Full representation differs from consultation because the lawyer-client relationship is expected to last longer than one or two meetings. Full representation also includes work that the firm must perform on the client’s behalf that is usually implied. Full representation is most often sought by clients who have been officially charged with criminal offences. A person who has been charged will require frequent, ongoing service throughout the life of the charge.

Full representation requires the client to provide a retainer (pre-payment of money held in trust) to ensure the firm can continue to work on the client’s file. Periodically, an invoice will be produced to the client for the work the firm has performed. Payment is taken from money in trust. Once money has been depleted, the client is asked to provide further funding (if required).

Full representation sees the firm’s role change from purely advisory services (consultation) to also include advocacy services (championing the client’s cause with the prosecutor and the court).

Tell Us More About Your Situation

Please fill out the detailed form below to inquire about a consultation. We will respond to your inquiry within 3 hours.

We offer payment plans to permit you to spread out the costs of your defence!

How we structure our fees

You only pay us for the work that we do on your behalf. Our rate is set at the point of contract. We work efficiently to keep costs down.


A retainer is partial pre-payment for services expected and agreed to be provided. The funds are held in a trust account until services are performed.


Free 30-minute phone consultation. In person or longer phone consultations for a minimal fee that will be applied to your fees if you retain us.

After initial retainer is expended

When you require services beyond the amount of the initial retainer, we meet with you, focus on your objectives and strategies to get there. At this time, we discuss the additional fees that would require and work with you to find a satisfactory plan.

Payment methods

We have client friendly terms which means we work with you. We accept the following forms of payment: cash, certified cheque, bank draft, e-transfer, credit card, debit transactions and in some situations, personal cheques.

Please speak to an associate to inquire about other forms of payment (such as Apple Pay or Bitcoin)

Practice Areas

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Sexual Assault The issue of valid consent is far from black and white, and the criminal justice system takes sexual assaults extremely seriously ... arrow

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Breaches of Court Order / Fail to Comply When a person is charged with a criminal offence and released from custody pending its disposition (bail), the person will be released subject to conditions ... breaches of court order

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Murder / Manslaughter Murder is defined within the Criminal Code of Canada (section 231(1) as either first degree or second degree murder. Any intentional killing of another that is planned and deliberate will constitute first degree murder ... arrow

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Assault ChargesThere is assault causing bodily harm, assault with a weapon, and aggravated assault ... arrow

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or takes steps in order to move, or eventually convert the object in a manner which is fraudulent ...

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Pornography Offences For a pornographic picture, video or any other material to be illegal, it must be deemed to be obscene ... porn charges need defence lawyer

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