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sexual assault defences attorney

Sexual Assault The issue of valid consent is far from black and white, and the criminal justice system takes sexual assaults extremely seriously ... arrow

assault lawyer ottawa

Domestic Offences The damage extends beyond merely reputational issues; there are very real financial, emotional, and legal consequences to those persons charged ... arrow


impaired driving charges lawyer ottawa

Impaired Driving An impaired driving charge is the most likely reason that an individual comes into contact with the criminal justice system ... arrow

best criminal lawyers for drug charges

Drug Offences Trafficking in a scheduled substance is a common charge that carries ever increasing penalties and is not technically a criminal offence ... drug charges arrow

criminal negligence charges defense lawyer

Criminal Negligence Criminal negligence is the failure on the part of a person on whom a duty is placed to take reasonable steps to prevent a certain bad outcome from happening ... arrow

fraud charges attorney

Fraud A strategically sound course of action when dealing with a fraud charge could mean the difference between a sentence of imprisonment or something much less severe ... arrow

firearm charges ottawa police lawyer

Firearm Offences Illegal firearms possession is the most common firearms related criminal charge, and is categorized as a hybrid offence with the potential to be pursued ... arrow
under 18 defence lawyer ottawa

Youth Charges When a young person is charged with a criminal offence, there are many more procedural safeguards put in place to protect their rights than adults have ... arrow

court orders and probation orders

Breaches of Court Order / Fail to Comply When a person is charged with a criminal offence and released from custody pending its disposition (bail), the person will be released subject to conditions ... breaches of court order

murder defence lawyer

Murder / Manslaughter Murder is defined within the Criminal Code of Canada (section 231(1) as either first degree or second degree murder. Any intentional killing of another that is planned and deliberate will constitute first degree murder ... arrow

physical assault defence lawyers

Assault ChargesThere is assault causing bodily harm, assault with a weapon, and aggravated assault ... arrow

gun and firearms charges need lawyer

Regulatory Offences Regulatory offences can have different standards when it comes to knowledge and intention, especially when it comes to corporate accused. Strict liability is the norm when it comes to regulatory offences ... arrow

break and entering defence lawyers

Break & Enter The offence of Breaking and Entering can also carry with it “lesser but included offences” such as Being Unlawfully In a Dwelling-House or Mischief ... arrow

theft legal help

Theft The crime of theft requires that someone takes possession of something,
or takes steps in order to move, or eventually convert the object in a manner which is fraudulent ...

robbery defence

Robbery An assault coupled with the mere intent to steal also qualifies as robbery as defined by the Criminal Code of Canada ... arrow

defence against hate crimes court

Hate Crimes Definitions of what constitutes a hate crime are highly variable, and as a consequence, ... arrow

pornography charges best lawyer

Pornography Offences For a pornographic picture, video or any other material to be illegal, it must be deemed to be obscene ... porn charges need defence lawyer

child luring criminal defence lawyer

Child Luring Under Canadian law, child luring involves the use of technology with the intent to lure or entice a child under the age of 18 for the purpose of engaging in sexual exploitation, incest, child pornography, and/or sexual assault... arrow

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