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Barrhaven Teen Hacker Plans To Appeal Sentence

The Barrhaven teen hacker, who at the time of his arrest was 16 years old, was given a nine-month sentence on Thursday for the series of “swatting” incidents which caused disruptions in Canada and the United States. The teen, who is now 19 years old, has maintained his innocence throughout the judicial proceedings. The family filed an appeal […]
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Bad News for Those Trying to Qualify for Legal Aid

There is some dreadful news for those low-income earners who would ordinarily qualify for Legal Aid. Due to a $26 million deficit that the provincial agency that funds Legal Aid has run up, that agency, Legal Aid Ontario, will be cutting back the number of people who would qualify to help make up the shortfall. […]
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Full Legal Analysis: What if Brendan Dassey were Canadian?

This analysis of Brendan Dassey’s confession serves to demonstrate the difficulty in assessing the voluntariness of confessions. It is a fairly complicated and contextualized area of the law as “findings of fact are best made by trial judges who deal with such questions on a daily basis. They are in the best position to draw […]
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