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You’ve talked to police as a domestic or sexual assault complainant and would like to revise your statement. Here’s how we can help.

Changing your police statement is a serious matter. If you go back to the police and change your story, you can be charged with obstruction of justice, public mischief or both. It is a criminal offense to mislead the police and waste public resources. Obstructing justice and public mischief are very serious charges and the Crown will try to have you sentenced to probation with a criminal record, even if you do not already have one. Consider, too, that the impact for the accused of being charged with a domestic or sexual assault charge is dramatic, and can cause undue financial and other hardship on the accused. The police and courts thus take recanting a story very seriously.

I can work with you to discuss what your options are and how best to proceed in such a case. However, the best thing would be to consult with a lawyer before you go to the police in the first place. Realize that even if you recant or change your story, the charges levelled against the accused will probably not be dropped – and the reason is because there is all likelihood for the police and Crown to believe that you could change your story yet again. This is, therefore, a very sensitive issue, and you should consult with me or a trusted lawyer first before making this decision.

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