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Charged with a DUI?

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An impaired driving charge is the most likely reason that an individual comes into contact with the criminal justice system. Being stopped at the roadside is humiliating, embarrassing and can have dramatic consequences to the individual’s liberty, finances, career, and ability to travel.

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Different Types of Charges

Impaired driving has to do with a witness (either civilian or police officer) observing indicia of impairment (poor driving, blood shot or glassy eyes, inability to walk or stand properly, odour of alcohol on the breath, slurring speech). The over 80 offence has to do with a technical evaluation of the actual quantity of alcohol in a person’s blood (as usually measured by their elimination of alcohol on their breath). It refers to an alcohol concentration in a person’s blood in excess of 80mg per 100ml of blood. For a basic impaired case, the accused will be charged with both but can only be properly convicted of one. The reason both are used is to prevent the accused from avoiding conviction by virtue of “technicalities.” The accused person must beat both counts if they are to avoid a criminal record.

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