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Has your loved one been charged and you don’t know what to do? I can offer assistance here, as well.

If a spouse, family member or child has been charged with a criminal offence, the stress on you and your family can be enormous. The impact on the lives of you and your loved one can be serious, resulting in jail time, among other things. However, I can help you and your loved one navigate the police and court system, and ultimately clear your loved one’s name. I cover a wide range of criminal defence cases, from assault to pornography offences and even murder. I will defend your loved one’s interests to the best of my abilities if the charge or charges fall under my areas of expertise. (If your loved one is a child, you can access the following additional general information sheet on the Youth Justice Act or what to do if your child is in trouble with the law.)

For one, I will help him or her seek release on bail. If the crime is serious, or your loved one is being charged with another crime while out on bail, I can help you in arranging their sureity, which is either money paid to the court or a person who comes forward to offer that the offender’s bail conditions will be met. From there, I will work hard to ensure that your loved one’s name is cleared, either before the case goes to court or during the trial. You will have the peace of mind that your loved one will be carefully cared for and I will fight to protect his or her freedom. However, if your loved one is found guilty, I will also fight for a fair sentence.

It’s crucial for you to have the right lawyer who can help you and your family cope with a loved one’s criminal charges. With my years of experience, I can help. Fill out the following form to arrange a free, 30-minute consultation with me as your next step.

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