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Theft under $5,000:

Freddy is a 16 year old living with his grandparents. On November 28th, 2012 at approximately 1540Hrs, Freddy entered the men’s clothing department inside the Sears department store located at 1250 St Laurent Blvd in the city of Ottawa. Freddy selected two identical pairs of Levi pants valued at $78.00 each and proceeded to the fitting room. He exited the fitting room shortly after with only one pair of pants in hand. Loss prevention officer, Craig Turner, was monitoring Freddy’s actions via CCTV and had an associate check the fitting room and confirm that the second pair of pants was not still inside the room.

Freddy exited the store making no attempt to pay for the second pair of pants. Freddy was arrested by Turner. Freddy did not have a criminal or youth record. He had participated in diversion before for a small drug possession offence.

Result – Given Freddy’s lack of criminal record, persuaded the Crown to divert this matter. Charges were stayed upon Freddy’s willingness to accept responsibility for the theft and to perform community service. No criminal record or plea of guilt required.

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