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Sexual Assault:

Tim, a 15 year old, was dating a 14 year old for six months in 2009. The two did not see each other that often because both attended different schools. Both lived at home with their parents. The relationship broke down and the two broke up. Several months later, the girl complained to a guidance counsellor at school that Tim had abused her physically and sexually. The guidance counsellor contacted the Ottawa Police and they had the girl come in and provide a statement.

She informed the police that on numerous occasions in 2009, Tim forced her to perform oral sex on him and on two occasions had been forced to have sexual intercourse with him. If she did not comply, Tim would punch her in the stomach. No one was shown any bruises, she claimed.

Tim was charged with sexual assault.

Result – Tim was acquitted at trial because of many inconsistencies in the girl’s testimony. She could not recall how many occasions she had been forced to have oral sex, could not remember where the sexual intercourse had occurred, and contradicted herself many times over details such as whether or not Tim had ejaculated.

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