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Brian, a 15 year old, had had a friend named Mohammed. Mohammed had taken an ipod and some headphones from Brian while at his house. Brian eventually discovered that Mohammed had taken them. He confronted Mohammed and was given a number of excuses and assured he would be paid back. After some time, payment was not forthcoming. Brian decided to take action on his own without contacting police.

Brian discovered that Mohammed was at a bus station and he ran after Mohammed, eventually caught up to him and was video taped grabbing Mohammed’s neck chain. Brian took Mohammed’s baseball cap as forced payment for the items missing. He immediately sold the cap to another teenager for marijuana. All this was caught on camera. Police arrived and Brian was charged with robbery.

Result – Found guilty at trial because the incident met the strict definition of robbery (theft with violence or threats of violence). Because Brian had many community supports in place to help him, he did not have a criminal record, and his pre-sentence report was outstanding, Brian received a conditional discharge with no criminal record. This was an outstanding result for Brian.

*this case was highly unusual. It is not common to receive a discharge for robbery.

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