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Geoff and Leslie had been in a relationship for some time when she had contacted police to make a complaint against Geoff. When police arrived, they found Leslie to be extremely emotional and panicked, and it took several hours for the police to obtain a statement from Isabelle. During the statement, Leslie made multiple allegations against Geoff, including two sexual assaults while she slept, mandatory sex on schedule, and Geoff threatening suicide to extract compliance. At times, Geoff would throw and break objects, and sometimes have blackouts where he would hit himself or walls. Despite all of this, Leslie saw herself as Geoff’s rescuer.

As a result of the police investigation of Leslie’s complaint, Geoff was charged with numerous offences including sexual assault, criminal harassment, assault, forcible confinement.

Result: Geoff entered guilty pleas to some offences on the condition the sexual assaults be withdrawn. He received a jail sentence, which was high for a first-time offender. Nevertheless, it avoided a trial and any lengthy jail sentence if he had been found guilty of the sexual assault counts.

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