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Cassie was in an on-again off-again relationship with John, a police officer with the OPP. The incidents occurred over the course of several years.

During their relationship, John would communicate with other women and this would lead to jealous behaviour on the accused’s part. In 2012, she threw a bowl of salad at him, missing and damaging a television (mischief, assault with a weapon). In 2013, she pushed John during an argument (assault). In a separate 2013 incident, she threw a laundry hamper at John after seeing him talking with another female (assault with a weapon). In March 2015, Cassie punched John after seeing text messages to other females on his phone (assault), as well as pointing a knife at John (assault with a weapon), before cutting a porch screen mesh and stabbing the knife into a wall (mischief x2). Over the course of the relationship and after, Cassie was also known to attend John’s residence without him being present and proceeding to call him at work (criminal harassment). She was also later charged with violating a publication ban involving charges that John had for sexually assaulting Cassie’s son.

Results: Cassie entered a guilty plea to a few of the incidences. The publication ban charge was withdrawn. The Crown wanted her to have a criminal record. The defence argued for a conditional discharge, which she received along with 15 months’ probation. She avoided a criminal record. She is to have no contact with John or his wife or family, complete the PARS program, pay $318 restitution within 9 months, and is subject to a 109 order.

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