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Client, Mike, had been dealing cocaine to support his habit for a number of years. He attracted the attention of undercover police and they set up a sting to see if they could get Mike to sell cocaine to them. Over the course of several months, the undercover built up a relationship with Mike. Mike sold to the undercover five times in quantities ranging from 1.5g to 6g.

That could have been enough to arrest Mike but the undercover wanted to see if they could acquire a more substantial amount. He arranged for Mike to acquire two ounces (58g) of cocaine. Mike provided the amount after obtaining it from a supplier. Mike was arrested on scene.

Having no viable defence, Mike pleaded guilty to trafficking in scheduled substance. He had no criminal record at the time of the offence. Usually this type of offence with this quantity of drug would attract a penitentiary term (2+ years in jail).

Result – After a half day sentencing hearing, Mike received a 90 day intermittent jail sentence (weekends) followed by an 18 month conditional sentence order (house arrest but allowed to work).

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