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Drug Possession – Young Offender

Facts: Jason, while in the company of two other young men, was approached by police in a park at 10pm. He was suspected of selling drugs. The police, upon confronting the boys, detected the scent of marijuana. When the officer checked Jason’s identification it was revealed he had previously been warned for possession.

The officer asked Jason to turn over whatever marijuana he had on his person. At that point he revealed he was in possession of a long hunting knife, which he handed over to the officer. After further investigation the officer noted Jason had another knife on his person and decided to search his bag for more weapons. Within his bag a large quantity of marijuana was discovered.

At that moment Jason fled the scene. He was apprehended approximately one hour later. Jason was charged with unlawful possession of marijuana and resisting arrest. He was then released with an appearance notice. His two friends were released with warnings.

Result: Jason’s matter was diverted. He completed some interviews with the Boys and Girls club and the charges were withdrawn.

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