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Client Acquitted for Domestic Assault Charges

Assault Related Case:

Ali was couch surfing and had been staying at a buddy’s place for a couple of weeks. Ali’s friend had a girlfriend who did not approve of Ali. The versions of what happened next differed somewhat substantially. The complainant stated that Ali had assaulted her, then grabbed a chair and broke it over his own friend’s head. The complainant further stated that Ali then grabbed her and dragged her out of the apartment by her hair. Police arrived on scene to a hysterical complainant. Ali was not found on the scene. Ali had a different version. He said that complainant and he had had a falling out and she knew the system well enough to know that Ali would not get bail if charged and that would be a perfect way of getting rid of him. Ali was charged with assault and assault with a weapon. He was detained at his bail hearing. He stayed in custody for two months before trial. At trial, the complainant offered a version which did not account with human experience and contradicted herself about who was hit with the chair.

Result – Client acquitted

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