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Possession of a Stolen Credit Card, Youth Theft

Criminal Harassment: Luciano was a Canadian Forces member having trouble with his superiors. He befriended another female Corporal and spent many hours drinking together as friends. Luciano began acting bizarrely according to the friend.

On one occasion, Luciano arrived to her house unannounced and she did not want him to come in. He thought she was joking and tried to push his way past her but she blocked the door. He was taken aback and confused as to why she would not want him to come in (they had hung out at her place previously).

Eventually a complaint was made to the Military Police about Luciano’s behaviour. The Corporal was texting with Luciano one day and he showed up near to where she was. He asked her if she wanted to hang out and she replied: “get away from me”. Luciano complied.

Shortly thereafter, the Military Police arrested Luciano for harassment. Luciano stated that he didn’t understand what the big deal was about. He was charged with criminal harassment.

He was released with conditions to abstain from consuming alcohol, or possessing drugs and to keep the peace and be of good behaviour. A trial date was set. At trial, the Corporal failed to attend court.

Result: Luciano was acquitted of criminal harassment. Addendum One week before trial, Luciano was feeling down and was drinking at a local gentleman’s club. At some point he was ejected. A police officer who was in the viscinity found Luciano to be highly intoxicated and asked him what he was doing.

Luciano told the police officer that he was just going home. Instead of arresting Luciano for breaching his bail conditions, the police officer put him in a taxi. After a few blocks drive, Luciano got back out of the taxi. The police officer then arrested him for breaching his bail conditions. These new charges proceeded through the system.

Because Luciano had taken alcohol counselling through the Royal Ottawa Hospital, the Crown eventually agreed to divert Luciano’s breach charges because he had been following up with his doctor.

Result #2: breach charges were diverted. Luciano completed his community service and all charges were withdrawn. ***This is an amazing result for Luciano. Many clients do not achieve similar outcomes***

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