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Breaking & Entering – The “Intent”

Break & Enter is defined as an offence committed when a person unlawfully enters any place with the intent of committing a criminal offence therein. While many people believe an accused must break a window or door, the “break” can be as simple as reaching through an open window or opening an unlocked door and walking inside. Further, a person can be guilty of a break and enter even if they do not commit another crime once inside.


B&E – A Serious Offence

Breaking and Entering is a very serious and indictable offence with a severe punishment. If the break and enter is committed in relation to a dwelling house, the accused is liable to a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.


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A criminal record will impact your life: it will limit your ability to obtain a job, hinder your ability to travel and can have lasting effects on your family and relationships.

Don’t fight a Break and Enter charge without a legal team committed to protecting your rights. Get an Armoured Suits’ defence and ensure the accusations are successfully countered.

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