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Domestic Violence

All couples fight. Someone called 911. The next thing you know, your partner has been arrested. You’re told they’re being charged with a criminal offence and they have to go to court. Your partner can’t contact you at all, not even to talk about the bills or the kids. This isn’t what you wanted. You want to take back what you told the police but they tell you it’s out of their hands or they have no choice but to charge your partner.

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Domestic violence is recognized as a widespread social evil. All levels of government are working to increase penalties for offenders. With this trend, has emerged mandatory charging and prosecution policies. Police will charge when they have reasonable grounds to believe an offence was committed, regardless of whether they hear so from the victim.
Unfortunately, the victim is often powerless to stop the arrest. Worse still, after the fact, police tell the victim they cannot backtrack and recommend speaking to the Crown. The Crown (prosecutor) takes the same approach, telling the victim unfortunately there’s nothing they can do.
It may feel like you can’t do anything, but that isn’t the case. You need guidance and advice, and someone to help you understand your responsibilities as a witness in the criminal justice system.  

At Armoured Suits, we offer several services for victims of domestic violence, depending upon your goals and the circumstances of your case. Generally, these services range from $100-$600, exclusive of HST.


  • Consultation (answering all your questions)
  • Affidavit drafting (make those charges go away)
  • Commissioning (included in the cost)
  • Service upon accused’s lawyer and Crown (get it where it needs to go)
  • Ongoing advice and support

*None of these are covered by Legal Aid

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