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On June 20th, Cst. Gobraeil was on patrol when he received notification from his Licence Plate Reader that the owner of a Lamborghini was suspended. On this basis, he conducted a traffic stop of the vehicle. The driver identified himself with a driver’s licence as Thomas, the vehicle’s registered owner. The status of the driver’s licence was confirmed, and Thomas was charged with driving under suspension.

Result: Thomas advised that he was not in receipt of the suspension notice, as it was delivered to a previous residence that had been sold. He had since gotten his license reinstated. He was looking at a mandatory 6 month license suspension. Thomas required a vehicle to facilitate shared parenting duties.

After appraising the Crown of the situation, a settlement was reached whereby the Crown agreed to drop the charge subject to production of the reinstated License. The matter resolved within a few months. No fines or suspension were imposed.

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