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In August 2021, a massive group of teenagers converged for a planned fight. This was to settle a score from a previous fight. Larry and his employee came outside to intercede. Larry had a large dog on a leash that was barking and acting aggressively. The co-accused had a knife and ending up stabbing one of the youths. After the victim was taken to hospital, Larry repeatedly attempted to encourage witnesses to lie about what happened.

Larry was subsequently charged with assault with a weapon and attempt to obstruct justice.

Result: After much negotiation over the facts, it was agreed that Larry would take responsibility for only the aftermath and encouraging witnesses to lie. He pleaded guilty to obstructing justice. The assault with a weapon charge was withdrawn. At the sentencing hearing for obstruction, the Crown sought a six-month jail sentence. The judge was persuaded that Larry did not need to go to jail but serve the sentence on strict house arrest conditions (allowing him to continue working).

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