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Frank was driving his pickup truck in the early morning hours of February 26, 2023, in the City of Ottawa. While in the drive-through of a McDonald’s on Innes Road, he rear-ended another vehicle ahead of him. The driver of the other vehicle got out and observed Frank to have red eyes and limited responses. The driver then got back in his vehicle and contacted police to report the accident and his suspicion that Frank was intoxicated.

When police arrived 20 minutes later, Frank’s vehicle was still in the drive-through. The police officer asked Frank to pull to the side. Frank was interviewed and denied hitting the other vehicle, denied any alcohol or drug consumption, and maintained that he was instead heading home after attending a concert. The police officer confirmed contact between the two vehicles and noted the odour of alcohol on Frank’s breath. A roadside breath test was administered, and Frank cooperated but registered a fail (blew over). Frank was arrested for impaired driving and 80 and over. Approximately two hours later at the police station, a breath sample was provided, registering a reading of 150mgs/100ml, nearly twice the legal limit.

Result: Frank decided to enter a guilty plea. He plead guilty to the impaired driving count. He received a criminal record, the minimum fine of $1,500 plus victim surcharges, and a twelve-month driving prohibition. Because Frank lives in Ontario and was a first offender, he benefitted from MTO’s “Stream A”, meaning he could legally drive within the twelve-month prohibition by having the interlock device installed in his car (after three further months of suspension).

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