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David and Sarah were in a relationship for 16 months. The relationship ended when Sara discovered that Daniel had cheated on her. After repeated attempts by David to communicate, including blaming her for his thoughts of self-harm, Sarah discussed the matter with her mother, and later provided a police statement regarding incidents of sexual assault throughout the relationship, including unwanted touching and being pressured into performing oral sex. After the relationship ended, David continued to send Sarah messages by phone and social media, with all means of communication eventually being blocked by Sarah.

In January 2023, David was charged with three counts of sexual assault and one charge of criminal harassment – repeated communication.

Result: David was a youth. After some negotiation, we offered a guilty plea to criminal harassment in exchange for a withdrawal of the sexual assault counts. The Crown agreed. He did some counselling and ultimately, we had a joint position for a period of probation. The judge agreed with the joint position.

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