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On December 14th, police were called to the scene of a motor vehicle collision where the at fault vehicle failed to remain at the scene. Upon arriving, police located the two vehicles that had been sideswiped. An audio statement was obtained from the witness, particulars obtained from the owners of the parked vehicles, as well as a brief description and licence plate for the subject vehicle.

A short time later, police attended the registered owner’s address, and observed a black Dodge Ram with paint transfer consistent with the collision vehicles. Brent answered the door and was observed to have signs of intoxication. Brent and a female at the residence both verbally confirmed that he had been driving the vehicle.

Based on field tests, Brent was charged with operation of a motor vehicle while impaired. Breath tests at the police station registered readings of 222mgs/100mL and 226mgs/100mL.

Result: Because Mr. Dickie was interested in obtaining his driver’s licence back as soon as possible, and didn’t care as much about a criminal record, he decided to plead guilty. He received a fine of $1500 and 12 month driving prohibition. His total suspension time including the initial 3 month provincial suspension ended up being approximately 5 months total (2 months to review file and plead + the mandatory Stream A 3 month driving prohibition).

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