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Pseudolaw is a relatively recent phenomenon that has become an increasing problem for the court system over the past twenty years. Adherents are often self-represented in court and have a conspiratorial view of the justice system. Many hold a mistaken belief that a person can live in Canada yet have no obligations to follow federal or provincial laws.

Courts in Canada have consistently rejected arguments based on pseudolaw as nonsense that has no legal effect. As such, pseudolaw should be avoided, since there can be very serious and negative consequences that can include financial penalties or jail time being imposed by the court. When faced with a legal issue, it is always best to consult a lawyer for legal advice.

An in-depth discussion on pseudolaw is provided in the attached paper entitled “Organized Pseudolegal Commercial Phenomenon”. Its contents should serve as a caution on behaviours and activities that should be avoided when you are interacting with the court and various persons in the justice system.