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For some, sexual assault charges can be rather confusing when it comes to reaching a conclusion given the sensitive issue. However, we’re going to walk you through a few sexual assault charge defence tactics if you happen to find yourself being accused of such a crime.

With this being said, here’s a look at sexual assault charge defences.

Common Motivation of Sex Crime Accusers

Understanding the motivation behind an accuser is an essential defence strategy. Investigative techniques and psychological analysis are necessary to determine the motivation of why the sex crime is being presented to a judge and jury. Possible motivations behind a sex crime accuser can be:

  • Covering For A Consensual Sex Act – Sexual assault charges and rape claims can come from the desire to conceal the event of consensual sex. Some claim sexual abuse or rape as a means to preserve one’s reputation.
  • A Custody Dispute – Child molestation accusation makes a huge difference in custody disputes. When someone raises a child molestation accusation, it can easily influence how judges, mediators, and therapists view a case. This is especially true for custody disputes, as an actual conviction can lead to a parent losing their parental rights over a child/children.
  • Financial Gain – Some people use claims of sexual abuse as a tool for extorting money from the innocent. Celebrities and employers are some of the many victims in which this tactic is used for financial gain.

Sex Crime Evidence

As sex crimes can result in serious penalties, it’s important to suppress evidence that was obtained illegally. For example, child sex abuse evidence is usually tainted by the leading questions that follow since children are susceptible to statements and suggestive questions. In this event, a sex crime lawyer is one of the few who can undermine the harmful testimony.

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